Hello San Bernardino,

I’m John Valdivia, & I Want To Be Your Next Mayor.

Valdivia for Mayor - Voice of the People, May 2, 2018

I encourage you to take a good look at the candidates for mayor. I feel this city needs new leadership. A hard-working and honest person with credentials to shake up this city for it’s deep slumber.

We need Jobs. We need businesses. We need development. We need a Mayor who is driven and on day one will drive San Bernardino to greater victories. I am supporting John Valdivia for Mayor. He is aware of the issues and sincerely cares about his hometown. He is super driven to make drastic changes. Vote John Valdivia for Mayor.com

-Bert W. Dodd, Jr. Highland

Valdivia for Mayor - Voice of the People, April 28, 2018

As a San Bernardino native, I feel this city needs a new leader. I am a local college student and there are very limited choices when it comes to the average offerings for a great nightlife: restaurants, clubs, and eateries. As a junior in college, I feel like this place is in need of a shakeup and renewal. I have been watching and viewing who has the leadership and competency to move this city in a new dynamic manner.

I have observed the candidates and will be voting for John Valdivia for Mayor. He is a father, husband and experienced councilman and knows city hall.

John gets my vote, and I hope you will join me in the awakening for new leadership at city hall.

-Andrah Lee Carter, San Bernardino

Valdivia Ecstatic Over Arts Festival in Downtown San Bernardino

“We’re glad to see there’s still life and vigor in our downtown corridor,” said Councilman John Valdivia, who represents Ward 3. “We’re always overjoyed to see that folks in our community are active participants in cultural festivals. We want to encourage the arts to thrive and boom in my hometown.”

More than 100 artists, bands, and performing artists gathered at San Manuel Stadium on Saturday for the third annual San Bernardino Arts Fest. The free event included do-it-yourself chalk activities and a kids corner. Food trucks offered lunch and dinner.


Valdivia Praises Water District Settlement

San Bernardino City Councilman John Valdivia praised today’s legal settlement between the city of San Bernardino Water Department, the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (SBVMWD), and the East Valley Water District.

“For many weeks I have been encouraging our city water department to resolve its legal disputes with neighboring agencies,” said Valdivia. “I applaud today’s settlement as a positive step forward that will benefit local residents and businesses and opens up greater opportunities—ultimately—for development. Undeniably, the effects of this agreement will be a welcome boost for home builders and addresses the needs of our state’s housing shortage,” stated Valdivia.


Valdivia Effectively Highlights His Leadership Abilities to Lead San Bernardino

Valdivia, who has built a campaign in part on criminal suppression, criticized Davis for having “no gumption” when addressing crime and crime prevention. He vowed to “turn the city around and right the ship” if elected.


John Valdivia on San Manuel and Economic recovery for City of San Bernardino

“To redevelop the Carousel Mall property, it is quite essential for the synergistic effect of this property to continue on that we need this component,” Councilman John Valdivia said from the dais. “This solves the problem for us here locally, and we’re appreciative for the partnership opportunity of San Manuel.”


Councilman John Valdivia & Candidate For Mayor participates at Annual Breakfast on Martin Luther King Day

Before branching out on their own, Dolores Anderson’s children would accompany their mother to a Jan. 15 prayer breakfast for Martin Luther King Jr. put on annually by the Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches, a San Bernardino coalition.

An open forum to remember Dr. King’s philosophies and teachings, Anderson found the gathering uplifting, inspirational. The perfect way to praise Dr. King and kick off a new year.

Bringing her children seemed only right.

“It makes me proud to see people of color in positions of power: preachers, business leaders, public servants,” said Anderson, of Phelan. “I wanted my kids to know they could achieve all the things they achieved. My girls are grown now, and all three have degrees.

“It started here. They understood what all this was about.”

Monday at Cal State San Bernardino, Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches officers welcomed hundreds of community members young and old to its 38th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast.


San Bernardino needs leadership with a vision. Letter to the Editor, Feb. 1, 2018

Re “SB homelessness policy lauded” (Jan. 27):

I didn’t know whether to be outraged or amused by Mayor Carey Davis’ recent claim regarding the problem of homelessness, that “some of the things we’re doing [in San Bernardino] are really some of the best practices.”

I have owned and managed commercial and residential properties in San Bernardino for over 30 years and have never known a time when the problem was worse.

What’s more, seeking help from the city is futile. Example: About a year-and-a-half ago the police swept the homeless out of Perris Hill Park due to many complaints from park visitors — but that’s all they did. The homeless simply moved into the surrounding neighborhoods.

I have commercial property in the area and had to deal with homeless encampments on my property and all that goes with it: trash, discarded food, fecal deposits, drug paraphernalia, condoms, angry tenants, and the loss of customers. I contacted the police, Councilman Jim Mulvihill, the city manager and Mayor Davis. It took several calls over days before getting through to the police, who arranged a meeting with me then showed up about 45 minutes late.

The city manager responded with a brief email, but no offers of a solution. Nothing from Mulvihill nor the mayor. Does the mayor really think these are “best practices?” I did get a very positive response and a personal meeting with Councilman John Valdivia, whose district isn’t even close to my properties.

San Bernardino has a big problem and needs leadership with vision. If Davis thinks he is doing a good job, he doesn’t have vision, he has hallucinations.

— Lawrence Hebron, Highland

Time for a Leadership Change in SB City Hall, Letter to the Editor, Feb. 14, 2018

As San Bernardino prepares for the mayor’s election in June, San Bernardino residents only need to look at the past four years to see that it is obvious we need to elect a new mayor in 2018.

A June 24, 2017, an article stated: “Survey ranks San Bernardino as seventh most stressed city in the United States.”

In a Wall Street article (June 2017), “SB ranked 11th worse city in nation to live.”

San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis has had over four years to set the city on a path to economic recovery and to reduce crime. He has failed. Rising crime in San Bernardino continues to make local and national news. Our roads are in need of major repairs.

As mayor, Davis negotiated a deal that has given away 100 percent of all the San Bernardino City property taxes paid by the residents, to the county as part of the deal to outsource our fire services.

I do not want to see the city continue this downward spiral and the only fiscal path forward for San Bernardino is to elect a new mayor in June 2018.

— Esther Dawson, San Bernardino

San Bernardino City Councilman John Valdivia Announces His Candidacy for Mayor

At a rally at the steps of JC Penney at the Inland Center Mall, where he helped bring hundreds of jobs, Councilman John Valdivia announced his candidacy for Mayor of San Bernardino.

“Now is the time to forge a new direction and blaze a new trail. The people of San Bernardino deserve results, not more excuses,” said Valdivia.

“I want to serve as Mayor to forge a path for success for the great community where I was born and raised,” continued Valdivia. “As a Councilman, I fought hard to attract new jobs and improve city services in the 3rdWard. As Mayor, I will bring this same proven leadership to fight for all the residents of San Bernardino.”


Councilman John Valdivia announces he’s running for San Bernardino mayor

Councilman John Valdivia announced Thursday that he was running for mayor, promising an aggressive challenge to incumbent Carey Davis…

“San Bernardino needs new leadership with the capacity to unite our community, to engage our residents and attract employers, investors and resources that our community desperately seeks and deserves,” Valdivia said at the J.C. Penney store in Inland Center mall. “I am honored and humbled to have such great support as I embark on this journey to become your next mayor of my hometown, San Bernardino.”


San Bernardino Efforts To Fix Street Lights – Valdivia Advocates For Quick Response & Repairs

San Bernardino Efforts To Fix Street Lights — Valdivia Advocates For Quick Response & Repairs

“Residents of the 3rd Ward and throughout the city have lost their sense of personal safety and the ability to use our public sidewalks and streets,” said Valdivia, who thinks the city would see less crime if streets were brightened.

So for months, he’s been pushing city officials to fix the problem, gathering information on alternative energy and including an item on Monday’s City Council agenda asking staff to study the potential for solar or LED lights and report back within 60 days.”


A father and role model – July 2, 2017, Voice of the People

This past Father’s Day, I paused to remember my dad who worked tirelessly to put food on the table for our family. One of my earliest memories is of me waving goodbye to him through the window as he drove off to work early in the morning, and he would always open the rear window of his pickup to wave back.

Hard work, diligence, and perseverance were some of the traits my dad demonstrated as a sign of his love and dedication to our family.

I am also reminded of a local public servant whom I have worked with for the past five years and closely observed demonstrate his passion and dedication for his family and his city.

San Bernardino Councilman John Valdivia is a caring and compassionate husband and father to his two young children. He has demonstrated his commitment to improving our city with his dedication as a leader at San Bernardino City Hall.

Like my father, Councilman Valdivia is a committed dad and role model. I salute his ability to manage a very hectic work and public schedule while being the Super Dad he exhibits daily to his family.

— Juan Figueroa, San Bernardino, Community Leader

"It's Unfair To Close A Fire Station In A Particularly Poor, Minority Area Of The City."

“Including overtime and benefits, the city said in U.S. Bankruptcy Court last year that the average compensation for the city’s 40 top-paid firefighters $197,000 a year, the next 40 $166,000 and the next 40 $130,000.”


Action Needed To Repair City Street Lights – Valdivia Gets It DONE.

“For more than two years, bureaucrats at San Bernardino City Hall have been promising to address the issue of burnt out street lights that are jeopardizing residents’ safety in many neighborhoods.

Despite their promises, residents frequently encounter unlit, or dimly lit, street lights as they traverse our city roadways, parks and bicycle paths.

In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 1,000 of San Bernardino’s 14,125 street lights remain completely burnt out.

Concerned about the city’s slow response, I convened several meetings with city staff to better understand the issue and the internal structure at City Hall and how to go about solving the problem of burnt out street lights.”


Valdivia Runs Unopposed In Nov. 2015 – Wins Second Term

San Bernardino, which recently entered its fourth year of bankruptcy, has four City Council seats up for election as well as the offices of city clerk, city attorney and city treasurer.

In the Third Ward, Councilman John Valdivia, who beat a recall election in November 2013, was unchallenged and will get a second four-year term.


Best Way To Scare A Politician

Rugeley says that when recalls represent mere political opportunism, they overturn the will of the voters. Elected officials are so drained and distracted by even the threat of a recall that they’re distracted from doing their jobs — or may duck tough issues to begin with.

“You can’t do your job,” says David Roberti, who survived a recall election triggered by a gun-control measure, as Democratic leader of the California Senate in 1994. “There are so many things I want to do, the pressure is to forget the thing that an aggressive organization is going to use to force a recall.”


San Bernardino City Offices -- EXCEPT ONE -- Sign City Hall Reorganization Plan

“Charter reform is moving forward in the city of San Bernardino. City officials this week signed onto an interim charter agreement that explicitly defines roles for the mayor, city attorney, city manager, and the city council.

While many of the top officials support the change, KVCR’s Matt Guilhem reports there was one holdout: John Valdivia. ‘ This Act Is Illegal!'”

Listen to the Audio…

Crime: Business As Usual Won't Work

“…In the city of San Bernardino, extraordinary high rates of violent crime plague residents. Something needs to be done. Enough is enough.

There needs to be an immediate crime reduction plan, with defined outcomes. The mayor and city manager need to be held accountable and give this direction to the police chief…”


[Opinion] Deb Bunger: Valdivia Can't Be Blamed For San Bernardino's Mess

[Opinion]Deb Bunger: Valdivia Can’t Be Blamed For San Bernardino’s Mess
“I’ve never seen an elected official who keeps in closer touch with residents than Councilman Valdivia. In the past 12 months, he has convened well over a dozen town hall meetings.

John walks local neighborhoods and calls his constituents personally – nightly – to hear their views and concerns.”


San Bernardino: Recall Elections Formally Placed on Nov. 5, 2013 Ballot

The council vote was 5-2 with, McCammack and Valdivia abstaining. Both stepped out of the council chambers, as did Penman, due to a conflict of interest, as advised by Tom Clark, a contract attorney.

The November ballot already features races for the position of mayor and three other council seats.


Valdivia Defeats the Recall, Wins BIG! – "I'm here to serve residents."

“Nearly 63 percent of the 973 voters in his ward sought to retain Valdivia, rather than recall him and replace him with Roxeanne Williams.

“The voters really sniffed out the BS behind the recall,” Valdivia said. “My (election) party was really a party for the residents, and that’s who I’ve served. I’m a strong advocate for residents.”


John Valdivia Wins Council Seat

“…The balance of power on the San Bernardino City Council is expected to change today as Councilman John Valdivia is sworn into office.”


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