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C.O.M.P.A.S.S. -- A New Direction for San Bernardino
San Bernardino is a great community to call home. Unfortunately, our city has been following the wrong path of Bankruptcy, Increased Crime, Loss of Jobs and Declining City Services. It’s time for a New Generation of Leadership to move our City forward!

As your Mayor, I have a plan to forge a New Direction for San Bernardino. My plan is called COMPASS and it will create a safer and more prosperous future for our people.
Engage residents in our city’s planning and decision-making. Hold regular Meet the Mayor neighborhood coffees throughout all 7 of our city’s wards to listen to residents’ concerns and ideas. We will be successful only if city leaders engage resident to become active partners in San Bernardino’s future.
We must create meaningful economic partnerships with our local Universities, Colleges and Hospitals to provide better career pathways for our people. I want to help San Bernardino develop a new generation of business entrepreneurs that will make our city a hub for innovation and economic success. The most effective social program is a good paying job!
We must overcome the stigma of Bankruptcy by involving our business and labor communities as active economic ambassadors to attract employers and jobs to San Bernardino. As your Mayor, I will work effectively with our Federal and State representatives to secure more resources to improve our city.
We need a Mayor who’s focused on creating jobs, helping our businesses grow and raising incomes for our families. For years, San Bernardino has been one of the least business friendly cities. It’s time to change the culture in city government by cutting the costly bureaucratic red tape that prevents job growth. I want to create a one-stop permitting shop to expedite business growth and encourage employers to locate here.

I’m committed to implementing a Job Creation Plan that will make San Bernardino an All-American city once again.
The new city charter gives much greater authority to the City Manager for operating city government. For years, our city managers made excuses about city politics. Now that the City Manager has the power, he or she must be held accountable for results.
An unsafe community cannot be successful. As Mayor, I will fully support our police department; improve officer recruitment; and put more of our personnel on patrol throughout the community. We must also work to reduce panhandling and help get homeless persons off the streets, out of our city parks and into meaningful treatment programs.
Because of poor past spending decisions, city services have been slashed to the bone and are no longer at an acceptable level. As your Mayor, I will focus city resources on essential services for residents and reduce the excessive amounts being spent on “consultants” and lawyers. Our hard working residents deserve better service from their city government.
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